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Top-Notch Teams provides interactive workshops focusing on 

customer service, leadership skills & team building activities...









Phone assistance following workshops can be provided as needed.

Bundled packages are available as well as customized presentations by requests.

Leadership Workshops Themes:

  • Servant Leadership

  • Collaborative Team Management

  • Leadership Strengths

  • Accountabilty

  • Team Engagement

  • Team Mission and Journey

  • Commitments and Expectations

  • Traits of a Great Leader

  • What Is a Team Player?

  • Healthy Team Relationships

  • Running Successful Team Meetings

  • Dealing With Challenging Team Members

Customer Service Workshop Themes:

  • Customer Experience

  • Customer Service Excellence

  • Living the Brand

  • Choose Your Words

  • Customer Service Self Skills

  • What Customers Expect

  • Teamwork Alphabet

  • Attitude Lattitude

  • Customer Service Facts

  • Phone Etiquette

  • Customer Service- A Team Sport

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