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"Don't think of what it costs to train your employees in customer service-think what it

Exemplary customer service is directly responsible for a customer's allegiance to your company. Continuous coaching and education on customer service excellence is key in keeping it top-of-mind for all employees. Last week, on two separate occasions I heard managers say that their employees are great at the customer service piece. Both told me a story of a dedicated employee who went above and beyond. While those stories are fantastic, when I asked for another example, both managers were at a loss. You can't always rest your laurels on the employee of the month as that person does not interact with every customer, every day. Customer service is a team sport. Customer service training must be part of your monthly meetings with all of your employees. Exemplary customer service must not be the exception, it must be the rule for every employee every day. The only way to keep it in their head is to be talking about it daily. I once had a boss that would say to the employees as he passed them in the hallways, "What are you going to do today to make every customer feel like they are the only customer that counts?" The employees would often come up with creative things they would do to "wow" the customers. He would highlight those things that people did at every morning huddle meeting he had with the staff. This made the employee he used as an example want to do it again and would also entice others to want to be mentioned in the meetings as well. Recognition goes a long way. So, I challenge you all to start thinking of customer service as a daily team sport. Contact Top-Notch Teams today to schedule an interactive, creative, fun workshop focusing on a different ways to think of how to provide customer service excellence each and every day. Email us at and check out our website

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