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The Longest Dance...

For the next few days, I am honored to have a guest blogger, Colleen Kavanaugh of The Longest Dance. I felt that Colleen would be the perfect blogger for National Assisted Living Week and it's 2016 theme, "Keep Connected."

Today, I am posting an excerpt from Colleen's website,

Are you overwhelmed in your role as a caregiver to a family member?

I've been there.

For a decade, I was a caregiver to both of my parents who lived with Breast Cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. I also had a job, was raising a family and coped the best I was able. I made some mistakes and I created some successes. I learned a tremendous amount.

I believe with love all things are possible. I also believe that our perception of the challenges before us determine how we handle them.

You and I might be a nice fit if you would like to:

  • Consciously create a meaningful family caregiving experience

  • Learn ways to auto-pilot + streamline parts of your life to reduce stress

  • Manage worries in order to be fully present for you caree

  • Effectively advocate for your caree in healthcare settings

  • Transform negative feelings in positive feelings

  • See the bigger picture

  • Accept your role with love and grace

  • Connect with someone who has been in a similar caregiving role

If you are curious to find out if having a partner in caregiving may be beneficial, please schedule a complimentary 30-minute private consultation call or video chat. I accept a limited number of clients to ensure that you receive the best attention and access to resources that I am able to provide.

Calls take place from the comfort and conveniences of your home, or wherever you and your cell phone are able to find a quiet space.

In addition to the information on this site and private consultations, I offer presentation programs that could be right for your group or organization. Topics include:

  • The Longest Dance, finding your stamina for the dance of caregiving

  • The Dream Team, creating a team for a successful caregiving season

  • The After Life, welcoming peace into your life after caregiving

Sometimes knowing you have someone in your corner who "gets it" and is able to help you reach your caregiving goals can be just the thing to give you the focus and the resolve to continue forward in the very special (and very demanding) work of caregiving.

Be sure to visit today to learn more.

Colleen's contact info is:

Colleen Kavanaugh, CCC


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