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Alarm Clocks... Because Every Morning Should Start with an A

The first 2 hours of my morning looked like this:

6:00AM Awake and making coffee

6:10AM First sip of coffee and working on my blog

6:15AM Let Duke, the Wonder Dog out

6:22AM Let Duke, the Wonder Dog in

6:30AM Son’s alarm went off (sounded like an air-raid siren)

6:35AM Walked upstairs and tried to wake my son (no luck)

6:38AM Son’s alarm goes off again (once again, air raid siren)

6:41AM Walked upstairs and tried to wake my son (again)

6:45AM Husband’s alarm went off (thankfully, he turned it off himself)

6:49AM Son’s alarm went off (you got it…air raid siren)

6:51AM Walked upstairs and finally got my son up

7:00AM Second cup of coffee made and back to my blog

7:15AM Husband came downstairs and went on the computer

7:17AM Husband asked for assistance with the computer

7:25AM Back to blog and a cold cup of coffee

7:28AM Husband asks for help with the computer (again)

7:40AM Back to my blog

7:45AM Husband left for work

7:52AM Let Duke, the Wonder Dog out (again)

7:55AM Let Duke, the Wonder Dog in (again)

8:00AM Time to wake up son #2 (no luck)


When I decided to start Top-Notch Teams, I imagined many hours of productivity in my house each day. Just me…my lap-top…my phone…my coffee and my ideas...Duke, the Wonder Dog sleeping peacefully next to me. My husband and sons (age 21 and 25) would be out and about doing their thing, leaving me to do mine.

(insert the sound of screeching brakes here)

Flash forward to today…this is not at all what goes on in my house. Schedules in my house are crazy…and different. Some work early…some work late…some get up to alarm (that sounds like an air raid siren)…some need to be woken up…some are done with work at 4:00PM…some go to work at 4:30PM. Everyone is in-and-out throughout the day, including the dog. Did this craziness just start? Nope. It’s been like this all along but for the past few years I was out of the house early and home late so I never realized it.

Do I regret my decision to start a business and work out of my home? Absolutely not! I love it! Getting to be around my family and see the hustle and bustle of their days…I love each and every minute of it! I work double as hard when they are all out of the house so when they do come in, it’s not an issue. I savor and enjoy every, “Hi Hon” as my husband walks in the door and every, “Bye Mom, have a good day…” as my kids head out. Top-Notch Teams has offered me work-life balance. Something I needed. Something I now have. Something I treasure. There is nothing I would change…except maybe the air-raid siren alarm clock ring!

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