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Let "Live Outside the Lines" Replace "This Is How We've Always Done It."...

They say the worst seven words in business are..."This is how we've always done it." I challenge each of you to replace that mentality at work with these four words..."Live outside the lines." I am asking you to shake it up. Try something different. "This is how we've always done it" is often the culture in business so I am asking you to be the one to create a new culture. A culture where growth, innovation and "living outside the lines" is the norm. Change can be scary but creating change can also be seen as a great team builder.

A group brainstorm of new ways to think can energize your team and create dynamite ideas. If all employees are involved in the innovation...all buy into the change. How do I know? I saw it happen in person this week while working with a team. It was discussion with a group of assisted living managers. The topic was choosing the employee of the month. They explained how the person was selected. A newer manager in the group asked, "Why do you select them that way? It doesn't seem like a fair method." Another replied..."Because that's how we've always done it," The newer manager bravely said, "That may be how you've always done it but it is still not a fair method." Things were quiet for a moment...uncomfortable...I let them sit in awkward silence for about 30 seconds and then the magic happened. A productive discussion amongst all the managers started and they came up with an awesome Employee Recognition Program. A much fairer one than the one they had in the past. Watching it evolve from "This is how we've always done it" to putting their heads together and challenging that philosophy motivated me to write this blog and encourage each and every one of you to be the catalyst of change and bravely challenge the status quo. Going forward..."Live outside the lines."

Want to motivate your managers? For a fun, creative, interactive team workshop around "Living Outside the Lines..." contact Top-Notch Teams today by calling 908-531-3343.

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