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Nothing Can Dull Your Sparkle So Give Life a Big Wet Kiss...

Meet Gina! Gina is four years old and as you can see from this photo...Gina is faaaabulous! Gina is animated, smart and full of life. We can all learn something from this little gal. You see...nothing, I mean nothing can dull her sparkle. Gina sees the best in everyday. She starts each day ready to take on the adventures that most four year olds face. Each day she lives life to the fullest and gives life a big wet kiss. We should all live our life the way Gina does. Start the day happy and strive to make those around you feel happy. If the day is difficult, love it more...accept the challenge and sparkle brighter. When life gives you lemons...give that life a big wet kiss. If you work with a Debbie Downer...sparkle so bright that they can't help but sparkle too. It's not difficult, it's just a positive mindset. Here are ten ways to be achieve sparkle...and like Gina, to give life a big, wet kiss.

  • Practice gratitude...every day.

  • Stop trying to be perfect...just be you.

  • Listen more...speak less.

  • Laugh out loud...laugh often.

  • Be nice to everyone...even when you don't feel like it.

  • Control the controllable...let the rest go.

  • Don't just be your best self.

  • Always be curious...never stop learning.

  • Slow down...enjoy every moment.

  • If you need help...ask for it.

#Special thanks to Kristie and Art for allowing me to share the beautiful Gina with you!

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