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Today is a snow day...but not for everyone....

The Northeast is having a snowstorm. Last evening, the FB posts much snow to expect...what districts were closing schools...what districts were having delayed openings...who would be off from work and who would be working from home. As I scrolled through the posts, I came across one from Diane Caponetto, a friend who is the Director of Operations at Homewatch Caregivers in Princeton, NJ...she and her team were in the midst of making a myriad of calls to ensure that every Homewatch caregiver could get to their client's home so that every client would have the assistance they needed and be safe during the storm. I then started to think about all the healthcare workers in Home Care, Hospice, Assisted Livings, Sub-Acute Rehabs, Hospitals, Group Homes, Rescue Squads Workers, EMT's, the list goes on and on...snow days for them are work days. While so many people enjoy a break from going to work or being able to work from home, to healthcare workers such as Diane, it is just another work day, and a challenging one, at that! I commend and thank all of these workers. You are truly my heroes today! A special shout out to Diane for being my inspiration for this moment of gratitude.

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