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Three years ago today the world lost a great young man. Billy McCaw was senselessly murdered in New Brunswick, NJ by someone he had never met before. It is an honor to know Bob and Mary McCaw, Billy's parents. I have followed their journey through this tragedy on their FB page in memory of their son. Last week I held a workshop on Servant Leadership. Today, as I read Bob McCaw's post written on the anniversary of losing his son, something hit me. Bob and Mary McCaw are the most wonderful examples of Servant Leadership, especially to the myriad of young adults who struggle with having lost their friend Billy so tragically. I messaged Bob to ask if I could write a blog about this topic, and he said yes...

Here are some qualities of a servant leader and how Bob and Mary bring those qualities to life -

Servant Leaders care for others - Bob and Mary care about the young people who have been affected by Billy's death. They exude love in every action and in every word. Despite their own tremendous sense of loss, they support and comfort those around them. They challenge young adults to do all they do in the name of love.

Servant Leaders live authentically - Bob and Mary live authentically as their actions and words are in harmony with their belief and values. We see this in the hashtag they use on every post - "#lovealwayswins."

Servant Leaders give when they don't have to - Bob and Mary could have withdrawn and mourned their son privately but instead, they have chosen to share so much positivity as they

have gone through this tragedy.

Servant Leaders manage hardship - Bob and Mary have asked everyone to manage the hardship of losing Billy by celebrating the beautiful mark he left on this earth. Each and every day they share a piece of Billy with the world. Billy's legacy will always be that of love...and all of Billy's friends will live his legacy forever.

Servant Leaders model and inspire others to greatness - Bob and Mary are incredible role models for everyone. They have modeled "#lovealwayswins" in every word and every action over the past three years. What a beautiful inspiration they are for our younger generation.

The Bible says, "Let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth."

(1 John 3:18)

Bob and Mary McCaw make these words come alive and for that, I thank them. They live servant leadership everyday.


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