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In Honor of Amazing Parents...

Very early this morning I went to sit on the beach with a coffee in my hand and great memories in my head. Today would have been my Mom and Dad's 65th wedding anniversary. I began thinking of them and the impact they had on their children, Cindy, Jane, Michael and I.

For those of you who know me well and have been part of my leadership trainings, you have heard me share one of my favorite quotes -

"Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence."

-Sheryl Sandberg

Today I realized that this is exactly what my Mom and Dad did for their children when they were alive, making us better just by their presence. My parents taught us to always stick together. They taught us to celebrate together in good times. They taught us to support each other during bad times. They taught us this through their actions. They modeled this through their traditions which included things like hosting incredible Sunday dinners for their family where we were always able to invite our friends. They modeled this for many years as Army football season tickets holders - the day always filled with an incredible tailgate picnic for family and friends including delicious food and lots of laughter. They modeled this through incredible Christmas Eve celebrations where family and friends were always invited to stop by, and so many did. As I think of how these events still go on with family even though my Mom and Dad are gone, I realize that the impact of their actions last in their absence. What amazing leadership traits my Mom and Dad taught me during their time on earth...I thank them for that! Happy 65th Anniversary Mom and Dad...

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