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Life is "Bluetiful"...

Crayola announced it's new blue crayon. Meet Bluetiful.

Once announced, people took to social media challenging the name. Some say it teaches children a misspelling; others say its creative. I agree with the latter, its creative.

One naysayer wrote, "Kids are gonna be so confused with color names now."

Another whined on Twitter, "The dumbing down of US continues as Crayola replaces 'Dandelion' w/'Bluetiful'. 90k submissions; picked 1 that's not a color, object or word."

Personally, I love it. I thinks its creative and thought provoking. It is not going to be in the dictionary or on an english exam, or on the SAT's, as it is just the name of a crayon color.

I love the name so much that I have decided to use it as the name of my new Wednesday guest blog. As I explained to my guest bloggers that I would love them to write a blog entitled, "Life is Bluetiful When..." in honor of the new crayon color, "Bluetiful", everyone said,"Yes". Luckily not one of these 15 people said that they felt as though I was dumbing down America and thankfully no one complained that I will be confusing people who read my blog with color names. They all just said, "Yes."

I will be kicking off this blog starting Wednesday and then from there, we will have a guest blogger each week. Enjoy and remember, "Life Is Bluetiful..."

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