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November 15, 2017


Life is bluetiful when...you’re blowing bubbles. 

With one concentrated breath, miracles appear. 

Floating spheres of translucent colors, taken by the wind.

Pampered, tampered, danced with, followed, poked, adored, or eaten; the bubbles can handle it all.

Everything about the moment, down to the sticky solution on your hands, feels good. 


Life is bluetiful when you don’t have to wear pants.

The threshold of your front door is a finish line and you’re a marathon runner.

The pressure of seems, pockets, spanks—whatever is covering your nether regions, yells to you “my work here is done!”

Air hits the imprints made in your skin and your leg hair follicles take a deep breath.

Aaaaahhhh…. free, at last. 


Life is bluetiful when you’re bottomless and blowing bubbles.  There’s no need to explain why. 



Learn about Mindy...

Mindy Bolton is an Intergenerational Creative Engagement Explorer who’s passionate about connecting all ages through humor and humanness.  As a Certified Dementia Communication Specialist (CDCS), practitioner, creator, TimeSlips Storytelling and Alzheimer’s Poetry Project facilitator, Mindy believes in contributing to creative communities of care. 

With all of that aside, she highly recommends making time for bottomless bubble blowing.   

Learn more about Mindy's community work, "Playscriptions" at:


Facebook community page: Playscriptions Shay's Way 

instagram: @playscriptionsbymindyb    



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