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Life is Bluetiful when….

Life is Bluetiful when…. you reconnect with long lost friends. There is this feeling of euphoria when you are waiting for your friend to pick up the other end of the phone. This energy courses through your veins and washes over you like a warm blanket just out of the dryer.

You may have changed jobs and through the months or years you disconnect. Maybe you moved to another state and life just got in the way. Perhaps one of you were in a bad place in your head and felt ashamed. Whatever the reason the two of you still love each other deep in your soul.

When the moment arrives and you get to hear their loving voice, you cannot contain the excitement nor grinning ear to ear. The two of you always had these couple of inside jokes that only you understood. The kind that make your stomach ache as if you just did fifty crunches in the gym. There may even be some happy tears. The conversation flows like you spoke to each other yesterday and the years or miles of disconnect slowly fades.

Catching up with that friend and looking back on the memories you once shared is better than anything you could possibly imagine. The promise of future memories with this friend seem possible. So yes, life is definitely "Bluetiful" when you reconnect with long lost friends.

About Christine Rucci...

Christine is 53 years old and not afraid of people knowing that. She is a native of the great Garden State and has been a registered nurse here for the past twenty years. Despite never having children, she and Steven her partner of fourteen years, have five fur babies

At the age of 19, while away at college in Ohio, she was involved in a devastating automobile accident that left facially disfigured. Now, with over thirty surgeries under her belt and three decades of searching for her identity she has finally reached acceptance and wants to share her story with the world.

She is currently writing her memoir in hopes of becoming a published author. She is very grateful for all of her friends and family both new and old.

Thank you, Allison, for letting me contribute to your project!

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