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Life is Bluetiful embrace others for their differences.

It’s rare that someone my age (23 years old) can confidently say they have found their calling in life. People often tell me they could never do what I do, working with children on the autism spectrum. My first thought when someone tells me that is, “you’re missing out.” Parents of children on the spectrum didn’t choose this life and they never get a vacation day from it. But, when you see their children through their eyes and put all their differences aside, you can see how "bluetiful" they make the world. I’ve learned more from children that are nonverbal, and I’ve felt more love from children with sensory issues that can’t tolerate being touched. Always keep in mind that children on the spectrum are different, NOT less.

About Lauren Champouillon...

Lauren is a 23 year old teaching assistant at Eden Autism.

While she has a bachelors degree, she is seeking out graduate school options and her next career move. Though she may not know exactly what her puzzle piece for life looks like, she is glad she knows what puzzle she belongs to!

Lauren lives in Hillsborough, NJ.

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