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Enjoy Taylor Lazicky's Blog..."Life is Bluetiful When..."

Life is bluetiful when...

You follow your dreams

With love in your heart

You work and you scheme

And it's all from the heart

Put it together piece by piece


Take it one day at a time

To the beat of your heart

Trudge along faithfully

And believe in your heart

Give yourself to those who are in need

Your heart will show through indeed

When you live by your heart

It means, always being true to you

In times you feel blue, just look to your heart

You may find something bluetiful!

Note from Allison...

This year, in lieu of gifts, we have decided to do a "stocking challenge". The rules were simple...we each were given a family member to fill a stocking for. The total contents of the stocking could not go over $25. There were five themes...

1/. Something that would make them smile.

2/. Something that would make them laugh.

3/. Something they don't like.

4/. Something that reminds you of them

5/. Something you made for them.

This blog was written for me by my son, Taylor as my "something he made for me!" Taylor said he wrote it with the thought of me starting my own business.

About Taylor Lazicky...

Taylor is from Hillsborough, NJ. He is a graduate Kean University with a degree in Recreation. Taylor is currently back in school to obtain his teaching certification. He is currently an aide at Hillsborough Elementary School, the same school he attended when he was young. He is also a basketball coach for Bound Brook High School.

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