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Life is Bluetiful When...

My Life is Bluetiful when my crazy, frizzy, curly, auburn hair behaves. My Life is Bluetiful when I have skis on my feet or a racquet in my hand. My Life is Bluetiful both when I have the house to myself and when I am in a home filled with people. My Life is Bluetiful when above 2,000 feet or in the middle of a lake. My Life is Bluetiful when cheese fills my fridge. My Life is Bluetiful when hiding in the garden. My Life if Bluetiful when sitting in front of a fire on a cold winter’s night with family and pup by my side. My Life is Bluetiful when a book is in hand that I refuse to put down. My Life is Bluetiful when I survived a summer’s day without getting burnt. My Life is Bluetiful when I remember the password for my account. My Life is Bluetiful when sleeping with the windows open for the first time in the spring.

I have spent my life seeking the Good, the True, and the Beautiful… um, I mean Bluetiful, and I seek is still. As I reflect now, all of life is Bluetiful. The messy and the organized. The imperfect moments and the near perfect joys. The anticipation and the arrival.

Life is Bluetiful when a wave of peace washes over us in the middle of a storm. Life is Bluetiful when a wall of sound hits us while at a choir concert, better yet, when we realize we are that wall of sound. Life is Bluetiful when we are allowed to have recess as an adult, to play and laugh so hard our stomach and face hurt for moments long after the silence has returned. Life is Bluetiful when we recognize the gift of a moment while still in the moment. Life is Bluetiful when we are seen and heard for who we are and striving to become. Life is Bluetiful always when we are seeking it, when we are ignoring it, and when we despise it.

A Bluetiful life is one well lived, filled with family, friends, purpose. When sounds of music, laughter, and the voices of those we care for fill our hears and our hearts with joy. When looking at the sky, or the ocean, or in our loved one's eyes, life is Bluetiful.

About Kathryn Fassbender...

Kathryn Fassbender is an artist, researcher, and dementia and creative engagement specialist. She spends her time looking at how, through the arts, we can inspire, promote, and support those seeking healing, validation, and community. Using her classical training in music, her art practice, and theatre training, she encourages a creative, valued, faith-filled approach to the progression of life and meaningful life enrichment. Kathryne has a background in the Creative Arts Therapies and is a Purple Angel Ambassador, teaching artist, and Certified TimeSlips Facilitator trained in building creative communities of care.

Kathryne is a native Wisconsinite who will return to being a full-time New York City resident come early 2018 after 2 years spent splitting time between New York, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin. To learn more about Kathryne’s work you may visit her blog and website at and/or Facebook page at

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