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Life is "Bluetiful" When...

February 1st in our house is "Diaversary" Day. What is a "Diaversary" you ask? It is the anniversary of being diagnosed, most typically with Type 1 Diabetes.

CRAZY, right a celebration for diabetes? No one wants that?!

My son was diagnosed on February 1, 2012, with Type 1 Diabetes. This diagnosis hit us hard! It changed our lives. My son was mad as hell, angry that he received this diagnosis. One without a cure. I, on the other hand, was scared to death. How am I going to keep him alive? They only spent 4 days with us teaching us complicated math, how to use syringes and what to do if he goes too low or too high and how to use the needle in the special red case.

Our first Diaversary was too me a celebration that we made it through 365 days without him dying! Most years we celebrate with cake or cupcakes because it is a huge accomplishment to make it through one single day, let alone 365.

Type 1 is often referred to the disease of burnout. There is so much daily management and one slight error in math or even the thought of I am too tired to deal with this can send that person into the hospital or cause us to open up that needle in the special red case.

Even when you decide to use a pump, even the ones with new technology that have the ability to read blood sugars, calculate dosages and stop insulin if needed, means the daily wear of medical technology on your body with tubing and needles and constant calibration.

So really every day is a celebration.

However, this year I forgot. So did my son. So did my daughter. We all forgot that it was his Diaversary.

It was late in the day that I remembered that it was is Diaversary. Do you know what that means to me? That we have come to a place of acceptance and new normal.

Does he still stumble after 6 years YES and am I there to catch him YES. However, life is "bluetiful" when you can find a way to come to peace with the demon that lives inside your son. It is "bluetiful" when you have the ability to not let it take over every thought from dusk till that 2 am blood sugar check. That is when you can say life is "bluetiful".

Happy Belated Diaversary Brandon!

About Tami Neumann...

Tami Neumann is the COO of Silver Dawn Training Institute the organization creating change in the world of dementia through the Dementia RAW Method. She is the WEGO award nominated podcaster for her show Conversations In Care and is hitting the airwaves with her new podcast Unscripted: Life Improvised. You guessed it the show is unscripted pulling on her experience in improv as she studies under the direction of Antoine McKay. Tami is the mom to two adult children Hailey & Brandon!​

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