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Our Clients Love What We Have Done For Their Teams

"If your organization is struggling, Allison is an expert in team building.  Beyond just exercises, Top-Notch Teams works to help you personally excavate what is holding you down, holding you back and focusing on building on your strengths.


Trust me, Allison has done a fantastic job helping me, Tami Neumann and Silver Dawn Training Institute!  Please like and follow her FB page."

~Cathy Braxton, Chief Education Officer at Silver Dawn Training~        


"Allison demonstrates everything that makes teams come together, stay together and work together.  She believes that no one person is the key to success in business.  We are all a machine with very specific functioning parts and the moment one part malfunctions, the entire machine shuts down.  Allison has proven to me and many teams that regular check ups are crucial for forward movement.  Not one part of their machine will break down.  Allison has an ability to build confidence and skill sets in her workshops and activities that not only make them fun for participants but actually deliver lasting results of the perfect fine tuned machine. Utilizing Top Notch Team builders has allowed me to retain engaged associates who are committed to the mission of our company and our goals as individuals and as a team."

  ~Janice Lindmar~          

"Allison is a true leader and amazing with people.  She bring her years of success and  her life stories to her trainings, to make this a more meaningful experience.  Her humor and her passion for people will make any difficult task or goal seem easy. Her compassion and creativity gives her the ability to bring the message and get the results you are looking for to have success within your team. Her presentations and team building make training fun and you take away from the learning experience a feeling of rejuvenation and ready to take on all possibilities with a positive can do attitude!!  I have had the pleasure to work with Allison for 5 years and have known her for over 12 years. She is a true professional and brings success and happiness to all of those she meets and inspires. Make your reservation today to have Top-Notch Teams give your team the boost they need to remain and continue to be successful." 

~Kim Smith~          

"Top-Notch teams is the real deal!  The workshops they provide are informative, interactive, engaging and fun!  They build strong teams who want to support one another and help each other to be successful.  If you are looking to develop your customer service reputation and have repeat business, TNT is the only way to go.  I strongly recommend you utilize TNT to bring your business and your employees to the next level while enjoying the process of learning."


  ~Julie Lehrman, MSW~

"I have had the privilege of working with Allison for almost three years.  Rarely have I encountered an individual who possesses the level of creativity and the ability to make learning fun that I found in Allison.  Everybody knows that learning is more effective if the teacher employs dynamic and interactive processes.  Allison is the Queen of this and excels in opening the eyes and minds of her participants through the use of innovative and thought provoking exercises.  Work with her on team building and communication, and you will leave with a fresh and innovative perspective!"

~Tina Perry RN, BSN~

"I have known the Allison for 13 years and have worked with her in a professional capacity for 5 years.  My work with her  aimed to turn around an average Assisted Living community, by delivering service excellence through our management and front-line teams.  Allison has provided specific tools and techniques to motivate and challenge healthcare teams from well run to high performance. She has gone overboard  to help me and my direct reports be the best they can be.  She is amazing at being able to connect with and keep the attention of her audience.  My success as an Executive Director has been driven by passionate department leaders who deliver exceptional coaching sessions and inspirational messages to front-line teams.  Allison is definitely responsible for creating those type of leaders."

                                                                                                                                                                   ~Peter Farewege~



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