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Here Are Just a Few of the Programs We Offer
Please contact us for more programs and information.

In this workshop participants will  create a team Mission Statement and commit to making it a reality. Together we will create a Mission Statement Crest.  This interactive journey will build a strong team commitment through fun and thought provoking activities and brain storming.

Mission Possible

In this workshop participants will learn lessons from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate factory about challenging personality types and effective ways to interact with each.  Also a discussion around the most effective way to work with both clients and team members with challenging personalities.

The Golden Ticket

In this interactive workshop participants will join me on a journey through 10 life lessons I have learned being part of a working team. This includes fun video clips to reinforce topics discussed. Themes include communication, listening, courage and having difficult conversations with

co-workers and clients.

10 Life Lessons I Learned

From Working With Teams

In this workshop team members will participate in an interactive brainstorm session on how team commitments can lead to success in meeting and exceeding your customers expectations each and every day.  Participants will leave with a clear view of both individual and team commitments.

With This Ring I Thee Led

In this interactive workshop participants will learn ways they can leave their signature on their work each day.  They will learn how to commit to your best work daily, and one day your signature will be you autograph.  We will discuss the four keys to customer service excellence and how to make those a reality every day.

Let Your Signature
Be Your Autograph

In this workshop participants will learn the story of Delancey and how she made a difference each and every day in the lives of the people she served.  Participants will learn to apply Delancey's skills every day in their own work environment and ways to join the journey with their customers to acheive service excellence.

Join the Journey
With Your Customers
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